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When Trap Music Started?

You probably heard the term “Trap music”, if you ever listened to any of Future’s recent hits or maybe Young Thug mixtape, you definitely are familiar to what this genre implies. Contrary to what people think, the first Trap beats emerged long ago on the musical scene. More precisely, this genre sprung out of the[…]


How Did Trap Music Become the Best? Find Out.

Trap music, it’s very likely that you listened to it, even if you maybe didn’t know exactly what genre you were listening to. The rise of trap music was definitely not an overnight success story. A lot of great artists put their skills at work over several years before managing to bring these amazing Trap[…]

Hip Hop Rappers vs New Generation

Doing Hip Hop Beats Vs Trap Beats the Right Way

From the beginning it must be mentioned that I don’t have nothing against the trap sub genre on the contrary I accept the evolution of hip-hop like any other music genre. Many confuse the trap genre with hip-hop, especially the younger generation, people that don’t have anything to do with hip-hop, or worse, even some[…]

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Don Dolo that talented Beatboxing – Rapper

I just found on YouTube a talented dude called “Don Dolo” who sing and beat-box at the same time. Due to his ability went viral on internet with his videos. Check Him out bellow   I hope you enjoy this Trap /Club Remix that I did on his music. Again lets support this dude it’s incredible![…]