My Evolution in selling beats online! - Buy beats

My Evolution in Selling Beats online! – buy beats


I started producing Hip-Hop Beats since the beginning of 2007, with less resources and without knowing exactly what I need to produce and how to produce instrumentals.


The only place dedicated to hip hop producers in that time was Rocbattle. There, you could “battle” with other producers from the entire world, and also learn and evolve in producing music. There were no tutorials on Youtube to learn from, but because of the bond created with the community from that site it helped me learn and evolve in my career as a music producer.


Other, now well-known producers, like Boon Doc, Big Boy, Vans Beats, Anno Domini, 5StarBeatz, Geniusboy etc., also grew in the community of ROCKWILDER.


One of my favorites was Boon Doc and I was constantly watching he’s videos on Youtube.


“Honestly it was a great community, there, I also had my first sale of online beats!
I sold a beat with $10 (Non Exclusive Lease) and I just couldn’t believe it, I was very excited.”

The times have passed, the producers multiplied, and the sales grew also in a very big proportion, now many artists from around the world buy beats online. If then was only one online market of instrumentals, now almost every producers has he’s own website where he sells instrumentals.


If in 2007-2008 information on how to make music was missing, now YouTube is full of tutorials that teach you the basics and also more advanced techniques on how to make and master music. Known people like Game from or Mike Lightner from and others teach you how to make beats and sell them online without too much headaches.


I didn’t had and still don’t have an uncommon talent but through hard work and dedication I evolved quite a bit. It’s not enough to have talent and make cool beats if you don’t spend some time on your marketing and put a little effort in attracting new buyers, thus when you open your PayPal account you won’t be that happy 🙂


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My Evolution in Selling Beats online! - buy beats
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