How Did Trap Music Become the Best? Find Out. -

How Did Trap Music Become the Best? Find Out.


Trap music, it’s very likely that you listened to it, even if you maybe didn’t know exactly what genre you were listening to. The rise of trap music was definitely not an overnight success story. A lot of great artists put their skills at work over several years before managing to bring these amazing Trap Beats from the Underground to the Mainstream.

By 2013, trap music already found it’s place in the hearts of the bass music lovers community and we can all rest assured that we will be hearing much more Trap in the next years – definitely not looking like it’s going to be fading away like so many critics claimed it would.lex-lunger-in-studio

A great thing about the trap beats it’s the way it’s combining with other genres, like Hip Hop, Trance, Dub-step and maybe even symphony. The deep sub-bass notes, the vocal snippets pitched down to very low tones, quick snare rolls and of course, auto tune, is what makes trap beats so addictive and great to listen to. Of course, to produce this kind of beats implies heavy work and Trap Drum Kits. Trap music employs a heavy use of multi-layered hard-lined and melodic synthesizers: brass, deep 808 kick drums, woodwind and keyboard instruments – all of them creating an overall pretty harsh and maybe dark atmosphere for the listener.

But that’s one of the reason we love Trap beats so much, right? Their complexity and rhythmic city just keeps us hooked.

To simplify things, Trap music would be best described as a combination of dance music (hard style sampling, high pitched Dutch synth work), hip hop (tempo and song structure, sometimes with vocals) and a bit of dub (low frequency focus and strong emphasis on repetitiveness). In the past two years, Trap has evolved at a rapid rate and gained a lot of popularity in the electronic music world. The Trap beats are now used so often in the EDM scene, continuously bringing out new sub-genres with completely different sounds. We can go so far as to refer to Trap beats as a virus, because it “infects” all these genres (like Hip Hop, EDM) with it’s signature roots, creating so many sub-genres. Who knows what’s coming next?

Modern producers of the new trap music genre are emerging above the rest, some of them are: RL Grime, TNGHT, Flosstradamus, Luminox and many, many more because this music genre continues to evolve as it progresses.

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