Doing Hip Hop Beats Vs Trap Beats the Right Way -

Doing Hip Hop Beats Vs Trap Beats the Right Way

Hip Hop Rappers vs New GenerationFrom the beginning it must be mentioned that I don’t have nothing against the trap sub genre on the contrary I accept the evolution of hip-hop like any other music genre.

Many confuse the trap genre with hip-hop, especially the younger generation, people that don’t have anything to do with hip-hop, or worse, even some celebrity introduces from music channels make this confusion.

Peoples!, trap is a sub genre of original hip-hop, the one from the South of the U.S.A. (1990’s). (Details here), yes it has connection with hip-hop, of course, but it’s not a standalone music genre, it’s a sub genre.

I noticed an ongoing battle between the new generation of producers and the old one (old school producers). Though I can say I come from the old school generation (over 12 years in the hip-hop production) I tend to agree with both.

Many classic producers don’t want to give up producing classic hip-hop and make a different kind of hip hop beats (TRAP), that’s wrong, it’s known how well appreciated this genre is and it’s not something new that only the trap sub genre it represents us in the mainstream these days.

Why not evolve?

As for the young producers it should be nice to dig to the roots of hip-hop and not let the classic die, it would be a shame.

Bellow I present you 2 beats, a classic one and a trap one, which one do you like more?






hip hop











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