What Can I Expect When I Lease A Beat? -

What Can I Expect When I Lease A Beat?


“The producer could offer you a number of different leasing or licensing options counting on what you need to do with that specific beat.”


The more agreements the producer provides you with a lease contract the more it’s getting to likely cost. Here’s what you can expect from a normal beat lease license:


For a lease you must expect to spend around $5 – $30 dollars per beat. When you lease a beat that mean you purchase a license, you’re simply paying the producer for permission to use the beat and remove the voice tag which most producers are doing in order to protect
their’s work from online thieves.



The creator still retains full control of the music instrumental and can continue to lease it to other rappers.


Shop around and see what some of your favorite producers are charging for beats. If you just find a rap beatinstrumental that fits your needs and you have to spend more than $35 for a lease, then hold off and shop around a little more to notice if you can get a better deal. Keep your eyes open, there are over 1 million music instrumentals out there but if you can’t find anything less expensive that fits your music style, you can always come back to it later.rapper thinking how to lease a beat

By the way if you are trying to get your music placed somewhere on Radio, Paid Streaming Sites, Movies, even on YouTube or in any Commercials (this is where you can now licence your song out to others) be careful and see if the producer is not already signed to a publishing company because that can be real messy for you. In other things, they may choose not to work with you because of the complications that may occur.

So before, check the lease contract and be sure that you have full permission to licence the Instrumental with out the co-writers “producers” permission because things can be tricky so be aware, read careful your  LEASE  contract (agreement) and if you see that something is missing there, don’t hesitate to contact the music producer and ask him any questions or doubts that you got about the contract on which both parts ( YOU/”Licensee” and PRODUCER/”Licensor“) are about to sign.




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